Mike is not happy

Mike, the Wayfarer’s Mr.Fix-it,  may not be happy, but I love it.

The first mowing of the year!   Especially beautiful on a crisp, sunny morning.



Since he mows about 5 or 6 acres, he does not look forward to that task.
But once its done, it looks so beautiful. Green and luscious – good enough to eat if I were a sheep that is.
Now don’t make any jokes, baaaaaaaaa 🙂

This nice green carpet also works in pulling people off the road and into our driveway.  Business is great this weekend with fantastic guests. Every single one.

2 thoughts on “Mike is not happy

  1. Mary Ellen Pattyn Bristol

    Boy, when we lived there my dad always said that why he had so many kids! LOL Maybe Mike doesn’t like a sit down job?

  2. lol, Mary Ellen, Actually I think it’s good for Mike. He comes up with the most creative ideas when his mind wanders …
    Funny, our kids are useless for stuff like “help out around the house”. 😦

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