Can you say White-Out?

You know I love the snow. Well, we got some today!

2013-02-16 00.18.53

2013-02-16 00.17.47

2013-02-16 00.18.20

Al plowed around 9 am this morning and when we left the house at noon, you could not tell. Yay!

Drinks this afternoon with friends at the Villa Marine Bar and dinner at Fusion. Now we are all tucked in and tuckered out and happy.

6 thoughts on “Can you say White-Out?

  1. Kind of sounds like here, except we’re supposed to see the temperature go up to 47F for a day, and then drop back to 15F the following day.

    I like your game-plan: You and Mike spending the afternoon with friends at the Villa Marine, and then dinner at the Fusion — with, of course, a table near the window to watch the snow come down!

    Welcome to West Michigan!

  2. It looks beautiful from here!!!!

  3. It has been years since we stayed with you, but I still like logging in to see what’s going on in the Betsie Bay area. THANKS FOR WHAT YOU DO

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