I Love Technology

I am also afraid of it and what it can do to my reservation calendar – After working my reservations on a desk calendar for the last 17 years, extremely low tech, I have been busy implementing an online reservation system.
A lot of would-be-guests have complained that we don’t have an availability calendar on the website.   My webmaster said that I did not only want an availability calendar but that I would want, whether I know it or not, an honest to goodness 21 century online thing.
So, that’s what has kept me busy for the last week and some days.  I am trying it (haven’t committed to it yet)  because this means that everyone out there in cyberspace can now make reservations and I cannot screen new guests to make sure they all fit in here or if they would be better off at my competition. Ergo, it remains to be seen if this is for us or not

Researchers Wanted!

Tell me how you feel about making a reservation via computer at a small mom and pop place

Oh and please someone take a moment and check it out.  http://www.wayfarerlodgings.com/cottages and first refresh the page

Do you like the way it behaves, does it look right, do you like the pictures/slideshows?

Any critique is welcome (I think I mean it)

Thank you!

Online reservations do not mean that you cannot call me to make a reservation. I love talking to you!  It’s only suppose to support me

18 thoughts on “I Love Technology

  1. I am having trouble understanding where to click on the website to access the online reservation system for the cottages.

  2. Hi Diane, glad you’re helping. You need to go to the cottages page and scroll to below the red doors. But first you need to refresh that page because it seems that you are working of a cache’ page. So, refresh and then find the new buttons. 🙂

  3. Iris,
    I’m with you; technology is pretty confusing. I decided to take a look at your blog because I changed my email (there’s a real hassle!) and thought I should let you know and there was your info about online reservations. I’d much rather just make arrangements with you personally; not online. I did look at your website (love the picture of # 8!!!) but couldn’t for the life of me figure out how a person would make a reservation. Glad I already have mine!

  4. Hi Colleen, I truly prefer guests calling me. However, you do remember how I labored this summer, trying to clean, water flowerboxes, answer the phone, converse, check-in new guests, etc., etc., etc. I think it might help me a little bit. Email me your new email address!!!!

  5. Hi Iris, To much technology for me. I would have to have one of the boys help me. I am just happy to know that cabin 9 is waiting for us.

  6. Iris, I checked the website reservation system. Nice job. You’ll need to put in big letters how to find the reservation button. And how to scroll down to find it – fyi from my experience, most people don’t scroll to see more info, they just call or email you that they can’t see it on the webpage. I have big print everywhere to scroll down for more info – but each year dozens can’t find things not on the first page they see.

    I myself switched to on-line registration for classes at my studio years ago. I love it. But my system also creates a “real” paper trail, so I have a hard-copy of everything. I can physically see my registrations, not only on the computer, but in an actual registration book. I think the internet has too many internal glitches to trust it 100% IMHO

    I will always, always, always prefer to make a reservation with you by phone or by email. It’s always a treat to speak with you.

    • Susan, you are so right. People don’t even read confirmations and are shocked to find out that check-in is at 3 PM. Right on top of the confirmation, lol
      I have made changes already. Go look on the website

      You can call me anytime!

  7. I love Technology {as you have read from my iPhone review} I think your ability to accept online reservations is fantastic! As someone who works online and appreciates technology, I think that this is a step away from “mom and pop” and you become more “fresh and new”! WTG Iris!

    • Maggie, thank you for that.
      I was afraid of this because I don’t really want to appeal to the wrong crowd. We are laid back and comfortable and don’t offer high-tech anything other than WI-Fi at the Wayfarer. But that can be seen on the website, I suppose.
      I am looking forward to this as I play and tweak the system to fit us.

  8. I LOVE online reservations because you can see when rooms are available…THEN….I call to talk to the folks at the other end. The calendar helps me know whats available before I call. Travelling internationally ( I would guess you get a few international guests) it’s nice to see what’s up before spending the $$.

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