Lake Michigan and Dinner

Pictures today of Lake Michigan “behaving” a little more active than it has been in the last few weeks

As usual, at the end of Grace Road.

Looking right

Looking left

Left again

and right. With a good view of the Frankfort Lighthouse

Someone had a nice fire last night

That’s Tina Noffsinger waving. She was on her way to Frankfort – it’s the annual Twilight Sale in town.
Great deals to be had all over the place including at Hull’s Clothing

And then I went home and made my dinner

Tomato, Eggplant and Brussels Sprouts with a little lemon juice and salt to taste. Yummmers

7 thoughts on “Lake Michigan and Dinner

  1. awesome views and awesome food!!!!

  2. Iris, Lake Michigan looks good (and probably warm to swim in?) and your meal has my mouth watering!

  3. Oh I miss it so much already! I will take the liberty and answer Kathy’s question about the water being warm enough to swim in, it was not this past week!! Yikes it was cold, but that was due to the cold front that moved through. Iris, I love the new look of the site too!! Very fresh, and it just POPS!!

  4. Diane and Kathy, it is my weight-loss attempt. The diet is called, get this “”

  5. Apparently the water got warmer and my guests from # 7, Matt and Lisa, say that the water was like bathwater this past Saturday. They had pictures to prove it.

    Ivanka, we miss you already too. Who would have thunk, hehe

  6. Iris – our fave innkeeper! We tried to find you to say goodbye. Must have been shooting lovely pics of the area. Very restful visit (Mo sacked out on the couch alot!) Each trip makes me love it up there, more and more. Mo and Pippi

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