Shopping Bags!

I love bringing my own shopping bags when buying groceries.  As you know, I have a collection of them and it is growing.

Me thinks that everyone should have a cool bag to take shopping. I ordered you some.  You can purchase them for $ 2,50 from me 🙂

I put one in Rusty and Beth’s cottage. They are coming today.  And since they felt slighted a couple of weeks ago and didn’t get the tp they thought they should have,  I stuffed said bag with a 6-pack  😉

 a bag full of tp :)

7 thoughts on “Shopping Bags!

  1. Tall Chamber Girl


  2. Save one for me…I use them all the time in Ann Arbor..and would love to have a little Wayfarer Lodging down here !!!!

  3. Put me down for 3 see you on Sunday. It has been a long 12 days!

  4. Oh you know I will want to purchase a few too!!! 🙂 Just a week to go!

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