Time to confess

You can imagine that I make a lot of beds and with that comes a like or dislike for the comforters we use. My favorite, of course, would be linen duvet covers like I use here at home but my linen service does not offer these.  Back to my comforters, there is one style in particular that I have had since the dinosaurs roamed the earth – at least 10 years.  It’s a Martha Stewart quilt. I have 6 of them.  They have been washed so many times that the fabric is wearing thin and has broken and torn all over the place, on all of them. If I were to fix the tears, I would only create new ones, so I don’t even try. Yet I cannot help myself, I put the quilts on the beds anyway.  Usually they go on the beds of guests that I know very well and to whom I can explain why that comforter is on their bed

Because it has this perfect weight
it feels really comfy!

So, should you find this comforter in your cottage and on your bed,  just go with it,  you could not be more comfortable sleeping under that thing.

See, it’s this sea-foam green with white stylized flowers. It goes perfectly with the curtains and the pictures on the wall
without being matchy-matchy…
Good night!

9 thoughts on “Time to confess

  1. Yay! Cottage #2. My favorite. Best bed I’ve slept in so far– especially on cold nights!

    And you left the clock radio right where I moved it to!

  2. I absolutely adore those comforters, they are just the perfect shade of green, the perfect weight and they also are “comforting” to see on the bed. 🙂

  3. Hello, what a great blog you have created, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and ideas around bedding for guests. I find myself that the marketing around Hampton Inn and their duvet covers is brilliant, I always know that I can sit on their bed and do not have to worry about other guests having done the same. I’d love to hear more about your tips and would be happy to share with our Bescover innkeeping community here: http://bit.ly/SUu7EH. Lets stay in touch, I’ve just joined you as a friend on Facebook and Linkedin.

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