9 thoughts on “Sunset at the Beach

  1. I have done a few paintings of that sunset view at the end of Grace Road. One I never sold and have it in my living room. It’s that special to me.

  2. What a wonderful view (and sunset) 🙂 But all those stairs 😉

    • You know, Wolke, until those stairs everyone had to scoot down on their butts to get to the beach and to come back up, there was a rope to help you along. this is much better. Just take it slow and breathe

  3. I’m happily looking forward to a new hiking plan….walk to Elberta, ice tea & cinnamon roll at Trick Dog, walk the beach from Elberta pier to the new stairs and climb up! A new loop for me and Murphy 🙂 Susan

  4. I’ve already hiked south on Elberta beach to where I could see the Grace Road dead-end sign and back to my car at the parking lot of Elberta beach. This would be just a bigger loop, a bit more, and now with refreshments at Trick Dog on the way.

    My real dream is to hike from the Point Betsie Lighthouse to Frankfort. Do you know anyone who has done this?

  5. Fantastic pictures of the sunset!! Counting down the days to see it in person.

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