The Year of the Hair

Last year about 50% of the guests took the cottage keys home with them.
The year before they forgot to take some of their things with them.
This year is the year of the hair.

Kamisuki (Combing the hair), A colour woodbloc...

Kamisuki (Combing the hair), A colour woodblock print, Japan, Taishō era, 1920 Goyō (1880-1921) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
Hair, hair, hair.
Flow it, show it, long as God can grow it, my hair…

It’s the year of long hair in cottage bathrooms.  It is every where en masse. Brushed out and left behind in sinks and in balls on the floor. On shower walls and on mirrors, across toilet tanks and doors.  Hair every where I look.

It ain’t pretty!

6 thoughts on “The Year of the Hair

  1. A pet peve of mine is hair, I can’t stand hairs! I feel your distane and it is gross. Gees, I love hearing you feel it too,

  2. I m used to have looong hair & I love it..But, especially after washing them, I could go crazy too..I like it clean & everywhere I can see my hairs fly around..At least it s only my hair 😉

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