Different Kinds of Guests

Another gorgeous day in paradise.  The weather could NOT be better and we have a houseful of happy guests this week.  Some are here for the weekend, some are here for the week. All of them seem to be happy.  I know this because they are laughing 😆

The first guest this morning was a little bird taking a bath

Ok, maybe not a guest, but a really pretty mosaic pot made for me by my friend Joanne Bartley.

I finally planted the box under the kitchen window

A group of happy campers right below.

Good morning all…

A moth came to visit us at the office door

I thought you might want to see just how large this moth is

I must say, as I am sitting here typing this, I hear laughter all around me. There are different groups of people sitting outside of their cottages , having a nice time. I am sure that the unknown guest who gave the Wayfarer such a bad review on Trip Adviser.com for exactly that, would be very perturbed and unhappy to see this right about now…too bad.

6 thoughts on “Different Kinds of Guests

  1. Don’t let one bad review get you down. Maybe it was from someone who simply cannot be pleased. Maybe it was from someone for whom the Wayfarer was not a good fit. I think readers of reviews can filter out the pertinent information that will help them decide if the Wayfarer is their kind of place.

  2. So, if I were to rent a cottage with a kitchenette, and umexpectedly made Mike and you Eggs Benedict some morning, would you sample them?

  3. I guess if you want the Hilton, then go there. If you want a comfortable, homey place with great Innkeepers and nature right outside the door, then go to the Wayfarer and places like it.

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