Something’s eatin’ my Roses

Every May and June the pest a.k.a rose chafers come and munch on my roses and other assorted plants until there’s nothing left.

This is how it starts

and it works it’s way through a rosebush in less than a day.

Why did it take me so long to google them and find a supposed remedy?  The other day I was thinking of making a mixture of dish soap and water to spray all over the affected plants. Wouldn’t you know it, something along that line was suggested on the website I found today.

6 thoughts on “Something’s eatin’ my Roses

  1. It is amazing how many uses dish liquid has. 🙂

  2. […] Something’s eatin’ my Roses ( […]

  3. The second photo includes the pesky Japanese beetle. This dreaded creature is the scourge of many a rose gardener. The dish liquid method works well here, as does the pull and squish method….. A little less desirable I guess.. Best of luck. Beautiful roses!

    • The first picture is of the same pest. They are everywhere and I read that they have some sort of poison in the which kills birds if they devour them. So really, why are they here? grrrrrr…..

  4. Iris, even before I got to the bottom I thought, dish soap, that will take care of the bug problem. I have had this problem before and the one dish soap that worked the best, Palmolive. There is something in there that isn’t in other dish soaps that works the best.

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