Carter’s Kids in Frankfort

The Open Space in Frankfort at the water front has new playground equipment.  Carter Ooasterhouse and his group Carter’s Kids have been here and helped to erect it.

I went to see the goings on during the second day of construction. Actually I was hoping to get a glimpse of Carter who, by the way, is from Traverse City.  No such luck though.  I was told that Carter did not show up until the last minute of the last day 😦

Carter’s Kids helped get this thing started, the citizens of Frankfort gave the money and supplied the volunteers…

What a cool idea

Kristi Mills and her helpers are working their fingers to the bone trying to feed all the little and big builders for 3 days from sun up to sun down.  She did a fabulous job coordinating all of that.

Looks like a locomotive to me

so now I do not have a picture of the finished master piece.  I will go uptown and take one or two on Tuesday.  Going to lunch at the Fusion with a friend on Tuesday 😆

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