Moonshine? Rumtopf?

Looks like I am getting ready to make some moonshine. But looks can be deceiving.  Marc found these Mason jars somewhere and thought we should start the di”still”ery

I, however, have different plans.  I will make a real “Rumtopf” this year.  Not the mess I produced last season.


5 thoughts on “Moonshine? Rumtopf?

  1. That sounds yummy to me! I have never heard of this before. My father made homemade whiskey for years, from the left over grapes that he used to make his homemade wine.

    • Oh Ivanka, it is so delicious but also incredibly potent. I have some stories of my grandma. hehe.
      We always served this over vanilla ice cream. you cannot feel getting slowly shnozzled until you get up and try to move, 😆

  2. I’m so glad I visited your blog – else I would never have heard of Rumtopf. I have some German ancestry, so I’m a bit astonished. I am going to give this a try – I guess I’ll see if patience will win out…

    • We Germans know how to drink and have fun with their alcohol, that is a sure thing. I hope you do try it. Make sure you use high “voltage” rum or cognac (the real thing) and make sure your fruit is spotless.

      • Thanks for the extra tips – and I am going to try it. So often I see recipes like this around Christmas, when it’s served and I never remember to think about it in the spring/summer. We’ve still got good strawberries here in MN, so I’ll start now.

        It’s the same thing with me and tulips – all the photos of the spectacular gardens are shown in April and May – and then I have to wait till I plant in September!

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