Chicken Pot Pie

Homemade curry chicken pot pies.

Homemade curry chicken pot pies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The deconstructed kind is what we are cooking today…

I futzed around the kitchen all day long.  First I made the crust – a very simple Pâte Brisée and put it in the fridge.
Then I cut the vegetables then I cooked the chicken with celeriac, carrots, onion, parsley, water and white wine.
So now everything was ready to go in a dish to make a pot pie but I was too lazy to do that.

I rolled out the dough, took a Daisy shaped cookie cutter and cut out individual crusts and baked them.

The par-steamed vegetables before I put them under the broiler.
I brushed them with a little butter and sprinkled them with some kosher salt.

Et voila ….

Yup, I see that the colors didn’t come out right in the picture but trust me,
it looked beautiful and tasted fantastic with a little lemon and some Worcestershire Sauce sprinkled over it.

In the end it turned out to be just as much work as making the pot pie the usual way 😆

8 thoughts on “Chicken Pot Pie

  1. Holy Moly you are so much more ambitious than I am!! That looks exquisite! Although, I need to know what celeriac is…..

    • I cook like that 5 out of 7 nights, Ivanka. I just can’t do it any other way. My mother’s fault.
      Celeriac a.k.a. celery root. It is a most versatile vegetable. First of all the green stalks are a much better tasting celery than the weird stuff you buy all packaged without the root. Then the root can be used to flavor stock. You use it with carrots and onions, you know. If you cook it whole and slice it when it is tender, you can “pickle” it in some good vinegar for a few hours then add oil, salt, pepper and some thinly sliced red onion. Makes a most delicious salad. There’s a whole lot more that can be done.
      Aren’t you glad you asked?

  2. It does look wonderful, Iris! What is the recipe for the sauce? …and are the carrots purple??

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  4. Oh, Iris, you are an ARTIST!

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