More Pure Michigan

Tonight we were at the annual Convention and Visitors Bureau Dinner at Crystal Mountain.  We had great cocktails, fantastic food and a really good speaker Dave Lorenz.   Anyway, he’s with Pure Michigan and he showed us the three new local commercials for this year’s campaign.  My very own husband is in one of them, fly fishing.   I have pictures to prove it 😆

Cool, isn’t it?  I took pictures of the pictures that were displayed, hence the quality…

For a laugh tune into this video

5 thoughts on “More Pure Michigan

  1. Cynthia, Dearborn

    I recognize the fishing spot! Maybe he’ll win an acadamy award? The not so pure michigan spoofs are a hoot. the first time i watched them, I laughed so hard I was crying. Great humor with a bit of truth. On the serious side, I think the Pure Michigan campaign is excellent! Thanks for sharing Iris.

  2. Bachelor Joe from Chicago

    Those youtube ones about checking out the new talent at Michigan State is awesome!

    I can’t wait to come up there soon! Love seeing your familiar faces on the blog and Pure Michigan Commercial!

  3. […] More Pure Michigan ( […]

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