Winter Storm 2012

Having taken another long break, due partially to having misplaced my camera again…

I am here today, finally, to show you some amazing pictures.  Until yesterday, we didn’t have enough snow all winter to make a decent snowball.

But!! Friday oh Friday, after the daffodils had already put out some feelers and the lilacs shown some buds, it snowed and snowed and snowed.

The neighbors down in Elberta called to tell me that their house is on fire and that they are coming over to make sure their 80 some year old mom, 18-year-old son and Wally the dog would be safe.  And that’s where I got a glimpse of the devastation around our house.

Without further ado, pictures:

This morning there was no snow anywhere to be seen. 

I don’t have a good picture but some of the pine trees in the front yard have lost all their north facing branches.  It looks like someone sliced them off.

Having said all that, I am very sad for all the people in Indiana and Kentucky that have had much devastation and loss of life.



7 thoughts on “Winter Storm 2012

  1. I heard that you all got hammered up there, hope every one is OK. It snowed for two days here, but all it ever managed to do was cover the ground, it melted as fast as it fell.

    • Everyone is alright. Some still don’t have power. this sort of thing brings people together.
      We’ve had people coming all the way from Benzonia to take showers and fill bottle, lots of bottles, with water for flushing and drinking.
      People discovered that playing games is pretty good entertainment and the kids were off school for 2 days.

  2. wow, that is something, we had hardly had anything

  3. So that is what snow looks like. Did you lose power?

    • Frank, we did not lose power, just some flickering. If I had known that Jill was across the way without it, I would have had her here and the kids of course as well. We even had cable until Mike needed to cut the cable line that had fallen across the driveway and was in the way for plowing.

  4. Cynthia, Dearborn

    I heard it was baaad! My father in law in Elk Rapids lost a lot of trees.They stayed in TC until the power was returned. Amazing what a storm can do.Glad to hear you are safe. Sorry to hear about the neighbor’s house fire.That’s a tough road to walk.

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