The Hammock

For the last 3 or 4 days I have been watching our hammock deteriorate.
Funny –  it hadn’t been abused by anyone that I noticed.

So imagine my surprise when Mike called me to “come outside and take a look at this” and there it was, the answer to the question of what happened to the hammock

Very difficult to see the little varmint…

The date on the video is wrong, of course, I shot it on 10/7/2011 😉

12 thoughts on “The Hammock

  1. Can’t believe that my favorite hammock is getting chewed UP !!! Down with the squirrels!!

  2. Joey is sad to see that his favorite summer spot is now squirrel food and John said he can come up and help you get rid of the rascals .

    • Joey will have a new hammock next summer. I guarantee it.
      I am glad we have John to bring his arsenal to take care of the little critter.
      Right now I am suffering from a chipmunk “attack”. Here they are eating all the maple seeds, getting fatter and fatter

  3. I am thinking you need John.. I can drop him off and get him in May if that will help. 🙂

  4. We lost a hammock to chipmunks and birds!!!

  5. Maybe the squirrel is ripping up the hammock to use as bedding for his “hidey hole.” AccuWeather is reporting that we’re slated to have the Mother of All Winter Storms this year, with “brutal snow accumulations” and “prodigious lake-effect snow storms.” Supposedly all the fun begins sometime before Thanksgiving, so you won’t want to delay closing the cabins this year! (The first wave of lake-effect snow supposedly happens one or two weeks before Thanksgiving, and doesn’t stop until sometime in January. Lots of snow!)

  6. Just stopping by to see if you’re still posting…are you still lying in that hammock, or has the squirrel eaten ALL of it by now? Hope all is well…

  7. Hi Kathy, believe it or not, I was just thinking about the blog when your comment arrived. Thank you very much for that.
    I sort of have given up on this blog. My readership is so very small and I have little enough time for myself. I wish I had your talent…

    Happy Holidays to you and your family. I will look in and check up on you soon 🙂

    • Iris, that is so interesting that our thoughts about each other coincided! I love when that happens. If you love writing and sharing with others, I wouldn’t give up on your blog, no matter how small the readership. I have one blog that has 8 hits today (and is a huge success if it has 30!) It’s not popular, but it provides an outlet for me that feels necessary. Some days I am as excited about the eight people who read it as the many people who pause by Lake Superior Spirit. But if you need to nourish yourself in other ways, your heart will nudge you how best to give to yourself. Happy Holidays to you! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and bless you…

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