Travel Review Woes

I hate it when guests are not happy.  It makes me feel like I have contributed to a less than happy vacation.  Thank goodness, this hasn’t happened, to my knowledge, in the last two years or so.   No matter, I am still upset that some past guests felt so strongly that they posted anonymous, negative reviews on a travel website.

So this morning I was looking for Wayfarer Lodgings reviews online,  to see if there were new ones out there.  There was one and it was a good one.  Thank you very much Robbyn 🙂
I am not going to ask, but it would be nice if some more honest reviews would come our way.

Now I have spilled my proverbial guts and am off to work on my cottages !  Thanks for indulging me. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Travel Review Woes

  1. I’m sure Jill will attest to the fact you can’t please everyone all the time. You just wish they would speak up so you can correct the problem (if there is one).

  2. Obviously they have NO taste…they probably wear plastic flip flops after Labor Day!!!

    • those reviews have nothing to do with taste. They were complaints about the cottages being too close together. I want to say that they don’t have to listen to the person in the next room do their thing. I think there’s more privacy in the cottages than in most hotel rooms.

  3. The people who complain would probably find something to complain about no matter where they stayed. Frank is correct–you can’t please everyone. So don’t sweat it! Wayfarer’s is just what it is–quaint, friendly, comfortable and welcoming–what more could you ask for??

  4. Happy to leave a review for you, Iris!

  5. I have not yet had the pleasure of a visit, but I can tell from your website what expectations I should have—and look forward to (someday!).

    I’m sure you’ve read that some “user-generated reviews” on these websites are actually put up by people who want to sabotage a location for whatever reason….

    • It would be wonderful to finally meet you in person, Kath 🙂

      And yes, I do know that there are some mean people out there. I can say for myself that I can sleep at night and feel good about myself never having felt the need to do that to someone.

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