Mother Earth and her Amazing Creatures

This morning Mike left to go to work – he wasn’t gone long though.   He backed up and told me to grab the camera!!

Oh dear, the things you miss when sitting in the kitchen, slurping hot coffee and gawking at the TV –  it was a real Autumn morning complete with fog, mist, colorful falling leaves and some sun peeking through the haze.  And everywhere I looked, there were these amazing, freshly spun miracles

the grass was dotted with these little “cotton candy”  webs

It seems that all of our trees grew more this year than any other year before.   Suddenly I see this huge Maple tree that I cannot remember ever seeing before.  The Cherry trees along the property line have doubled in size since last year and our  Apple trees are actually bearing fruit.  Not good tasting at all but pretty to look at apples.   My Peach tree, however, is still dead  😦

13 thoughts on “Mother Earth and her Amazing Creatures

  1. Love the spider web pictures! Are the apples good for baking?

  2. What beautiful webs! I have “cotton candy one in my kitchen window. I love watching the spider who made it while I do the dishes. BTW did you ever figure out what was making the noise in your bedroom?

  3. Gorgeous photos Iris!! (especially since I don’t see any actual spiders in them! ;-X ) What a blessing to start your day with! have a good one!

  4. Hi Iris,

    Great pictures. We are really enjoying the gifts you sent us. I hope you got my email the other day thanking you.

    The book is great. Haven’t had a chance to watch the DVD but will soon.

    Carol and Jess

    • Hi Carol and Jess,
      Yes, I did get the note and I am happy that you like the surprise.
      You know, the photographer that took the Benzie County photos, stayed with us for a couple of weeks while shooting around here

  5. Wow, those were spectacular photos! Spider webs have always fascinated me. We miss you and the Wayfarer tons, and are trying to think of a way to come back before next year. A fall trip would be soo lovely. The fishermen are also dying to get back out on the lake. 🙂

  6. A little too early for Halloween decorating…. 😉

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