Winner of the contest

Good Harbor Bay, Sleeping Bear Dunes

Image via Wikipedia


Carol and Jessie Greenfield

won the Sleeping Bear Dunes DVD.  The answer was indeed


Gotta love a word scramble.  I am so not good at that.

Thank you all for participating.

To the people that have entered and who live far, far away – you must come and see the dunes for yourself.

I am looking at you Hula girl!

I gave every entry a number and then generated a number via the “random number generator”

4 thoughts on “Winner of the contest

  1. Carol Greenfield

    Wow. How much fun to win the contest. We’re particularly pleased since Sleeping Bear dunes has gotten so much good press about beomg the most beautiful place in the United States.

    Thanks, Iris.

    Carol and Jessie

  2. Awe, I didn’t win 😦 Oh well, I’m happy for Carol! And..I’m looking right back at you Iris.

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