New Contest!

How about answering my question below and winning a Sleeping Bear Dunes DVD?

Here’s what we’ll do, you post the answer in the comment section of this blog and I will close the contest on Sunday, August 29, 2011.
I will then take all the correct answers and throw them into a hat and have one of our guests pull the winner.


Here at the Wayfarer , we like to keep our guests on their toes.

You wake up from an afternoon snooze.

You look straight ahead and see …

Alphabet Soup!

Rubbing your eyes to get a real good look…

What does it all mean?

15 thoughts on “New Contest!

  1. Ummmm….Beach?

  2. That would have been my guess too Hula Honey.

  3. dianetasselmyer2

    it’s BEACH!!!!!

  4. i goofed iris. i posted my guess on puzzled. my guess is still the same.

  5. The boys say beach

  6. Cool
    Here in

  7. Carol Greenfield

    Jessie says it’s beach.


  8. Thank you all for entering.
    Pat, I’ll look for your solution in the last post 😉

  9. I think it’s beach too!

  10. Beach! 🙂 What a great word!

  11. So, I was going for BEACH, too!


  12. BeaCh.
    I was a little confused about what the question was at first.

    I like your colors for that room.

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