6 thoughts on “Puzzled

  1. a sneeze???

  2. You got me. Too much tequila last night?

    • Ahem!!!!!,
      Yours and Rowanna’s answer make me giggle, so, I am thinking if you two brainiacs cannot figure out what I am asking, I will turn it into a contest.
      Watch for the next blog post, you can win something.

  3. Ivanker!!! So sorry we are gonna miss you on this visit! Hope you have a GREAT time!! (what am I saying? Of course you will have a great time….only kind of time you can have with Iris!!

  4. looking at your letters i am guessing BEACH. what else could it be?? have been enjoying your blog iris. thanks for all the beautiful pictures.

  5. Of course, the scrambled word is Beach! 🙂 Wish we were there right now!

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