Off Road Shenanigans

Some of our guests have reported seeing cars being driven right down at Grace Road Beach.  We were outraged and it seems so was everyone else that lives on the bluff.  Apparently this happens quite frequently these days because I just found a blog post by the Elberta Alert

“The Village Office has asked the Alert to announce that the following DNR RAP line is in place to receive reports of off-road and beach driving on Elberta Beach property and elsewhere along the shore and dunes. The fine for driving off the lot and gravel road that ends at the Sand Products property is $1,000. If you see a vehicle being operated on the beach or dunes, please ascertain the license plate number and call 800-292-7800. Driving off the designated road is a violation of federal, state, and Village law.”

Stay off our beach!  😦

9 thoughts on “Off Road Shenanigans

  1. What next???? So “they” can come here, pollute our beaches, lakes and forests…..and then go home and let “us” deal with it….. People! Think!

  2. I am leaving notes in the cottages for guests to take note. With the cameras in phones these days, it should not be too difficult to catch them and charge them

  3. Why stick your toes in the sand, play in the waves and enjoy the beautiful breezes when you can park your butt in the car and drive down the beach?? How sad!

    • I could not have said it better, Joyce. Very sad. I mean here we are, the Nature Conservancy is doing all they can to preserve this piece of heaven and the dumba$$es are doing their best to destroy it.

      • These are most likely the same people who think rules are made for everyone but them, who leave their trash for others to pick up and who have no regard for what their actions do to the environnment.

  4. I’ve only been to your lovely beach once in my life (so far!), but I say anyone that doesn’t respect and do their part to help protect it for all to enjoy should be slapped with more of a fine that $1,000. Throw the book at ’em! And then chase ’em out of Dodge.

  5. Yes m’am. That’s how we feel too!

  6. How sad. Reminds me of the trash I see in parks that people can’t seem to manage to put in a garbage can.

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