Al Capone!

Had lunch at the Fusion with Mariah and Joanne today and a tour of the Al Capone house afterwards.  Oh yeah.  I have only seen the house a long time ago in total disrepair.
There it sits right at the beach, across from the Harbor Lights Condos in Frankfort.  Looking very tired and architecturally not appealing at all.  But as they say, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Someone with a whole lot of money and a love for old things and traditions has transformed this house into a beautiful home.

Today we were treated to something very special.

The legend of this house is this, the house was used by Al Capone and his buddies for weekend outings with girlfriends and for those girlfriends to have a place to give birth to their offspring.  Pretty seedy, I know but still, if the story is true, pretty wild 🙂

Just look at this amazing gate. I love the ship with the sails blowing in the wind…

The entry

left is the kitchen

right is the parlor

This is a special spot, a cozy room all decorated with nautical accoutrements

I love this chandelier.  The entire room was decorated with model ships and little sailors sitting on the ledge

I have so many more pictures of the upstairs with all it’s bedrooms,  there was also a secret room. So much to see.  I will continue to post pictures tomorrow. The internet is giving me trouble tonight 😦

Farmer’s Markets

No longer are Wednesdays only the middle of the week; Wednesdays are now market days  here in Benzie County as well. Thanks to
“Grow Benzie”
there will be a third farmer’s market in the Frankfort/Benzonia area.
Grow Benzie is a fairly new local organization. Their reason for being is to educate:

Here is their statement:
Grow Benzie is a community farmstead dedicated to enriching the lives of Benzie County residents by fostering self reliance through education in agriculture, nutrition, job training and life skills.  Our site is a demonstration and training center for sustainable gardening and is a symbol of hope from both our past and our future.  Our focus is on Growing Healthy Children and Communities, bringing people back to our “roots” of self sufficiency and taking care of each other.  We believe in the strength of individuals helping one another by bring the benefits of healthy foods through gardening to our community.”

Farmer’s Markets now in Benzie County: 

Wednesdays on 115 at Grow Benzie

Thursdays in Elberta

Saturday in Frankfort in the Open Space


We will all be eating really fresh and good food.
No more excuses!

Fun at the Photo Booth

The boys’ girlfriends came to visit yesterday.  They both live in Petoskey. Up to Frankfort they went to have fun at the carnival.

This is what they came home with 🙂

That made me look in my picture drawer in the dining room:

This picture was taken in Estes Park, Co. in 2005

We were in Bolder, Co. with their Odyssey of the Mind team, competing in the world competition. .

And this is the entire Frankfort Panthers Odyssey of the Mind team, including the two ladies on the very top – coaches 😯

It seems that we have started a collection

America – Happy Birthday!

"Stars and Stripes Forever" (sheet m...

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The Wayfarer is ready, Mike has done so much work to make everything work perfectly and look shiny and beautiful for this special day.  Most of the guests have arrived and are sitting outside, drinks and books in hand, enjoying the breezes off Lake Michigan.

Frankfort and Elberta are ready to celebrate as well.  Everyone is excited to be here, the weather has finally turned sunny and warm = beach weather – Yay!

“Here’s to those who wish us well, all the rest can go to hell.”
I am drinking bubbly!

Happy Birthday, America