Nice days look like this

I looked out the kitchen window yesterday and there she was, sitting on the bench in the back yard.


   Audrey and her 2 daughters – Irene and Margaret – come once every summer for a scant week and we always look forward to their visit.
They are the quint essential guests here at the Wayfarer.  The ladies have come here for as long as they can remember,
they have brought their children and grandchildren.
I enjoy them very much.
Audrey can be found most days in her chair outside her favorite cottage # 10.
So, back to what I was saying,  there was Audrey, sitting on the bench, enjoying the sun and listening to the birds.
I went out to sit with her.
We had a nice, long chat about the families…

The other two fun guests we had last week were two small boys.  Well, one was tiny and the other is about to enter 1st grade.



And here is Fox:

He is loads of fun. I loved talking to him and I hope that he comes back one day to see me.

Yes, I do realize that I am mostly writing about boy guests. No need to point that out to me.

I also realize that I might be partial to boy guests
We had two sweet little sisters here 2 weeks ago.  I just didn’t think to ask if I could take pictures of them.  I was busy 😉

10 thoughts on “Nice days look like this

  1. Love it!
    Iris, Thanks for including Fox as one of your “fun” guests. He so enjoy visiting with you. We all had a great time. I only wish we could have stayed another week.

  2. Fox looks like a comic book fan! I remember how much fun those were growing up 🙂

  3. They told me what a great time they had and how much Fox liked Iris.

    Len and I will be up in the fall again this year. Looking so forward to it!

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