Excited to be an Innkeeper today

It’s  fun to welcome back guests. Some you get to know better than others.  Tomorrow my boyfriend Jimmy is coming back to stay with us, for the second time already this season. I cannot wait to see him and his brothers.

Next, a very sweet couple, who just got married in the fall, are coming to spend this next week here at the Wayfarer.  I have not seen them since before their wedding. I happen to have my favorite sparkly in the fridge and thought I should share it with them.

The moose is waiting to see them again,

Mickey is waiting to boil water for them,

The living room is waiting to be lived in,

bathroom is ready!

Sheeesh, I hope they enjoy alkihol 😆

My Lilacs

Manet, Edouard - Lilacs In A Vase, c.1882

Image via Wikipedia "lilacs in a vase" c. 1882 by Edouard Manet

I want to share with you a beautiful vignette which includes some Wayfarer lilacs.

Martina from Sleeping Bear Dunes Tours came to visit me and took with her some of the lilacs from outside of cottage 7.  This is how she enjoys them.
Funny thing, I display my flowers in blue ball jars as well.

Looks great Martina, thanks for the picture 🙂