More Wedding Excitement

Mike and I went to a very fun wedding celebration yesterday evening.
Thank goodness the weather was perfect.

The food was catered by the Bayview Grille, mmmmm.  Tina thought they had the best food in all the world
(one of the cooks is her son, :lol:, she better thinks that)

A beautiful evening and we were glad to be part of it and away from the Wayfarer for a few hours.

There was also a magician.
14 year old Mitchel from Traverse City was hired to entertain the troops.
He did a fantastic job.

Fun was the photo-booth. Everyone was asked to go and take goofy pictures which would be put in a book for the happy couple.

Mike and I were goofy

We left around 10 however, the party went on without us until 3 am or so.  It truly was a fun event.

6 thoughts on “More Wedding Excitement

  1. Hehe, looks like you and Mike had a fun time. Photo booths are all the rage right now at weddings. Interesting trend. Looks like the weather cooperated too!

  2. I have never seen Mike look better!!! Where did he get that hat? See you this weekend.

  3. We went to a wedding with a photo booth and a box of fun dress up stuff. It’s a lot of fun and I guess it’s the new trend. They put a copy of our photo session in a scrapbook right at the hall and then we signed the book and wrote a message to the bride and groom. Very cool! So many people are doing the cupcakes instead of cake also. Looks beautiful!

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