Wedding Excitement

This weekend is the weekend for weddings around here. From what I hear, there are 3 this weekend in Frankfort.  Every hotel, motel, cabin, cottage, sleeper sofa, etc. is full.  Finally the weather has turned sunny and warm this morning after a week of drizzle and rain.  Makes for a more fun day.

We have some wedding guests here who, when they checked in, didn’t know if the wedding they planned to attend,  was going to take place or not.  I was afraid to ask what happened but this morning, when I saw them, I had to know.  The wedding was not going to happen, the groom had called it off.  All the people that had come from out of town to celebrate were a little peeved to have spent the money.  Our guests made the very best of it, they made themselves comfortable in the backyard, drinks in hand, looking forward to a bonfire at the beach with the brother of the bride and their friends this evening.

Mike and I are going to a wedding this evening.  Really, it’s a party to celebrate a wedding that has already taken place a few months ago. Great food from the Bayview Grille and fun people to party with.
I am ready for some adult fun away from the house.

One thought on “Wedding Excitement

  1. Wow, I think I would have been a little peeved too. He sure waited until the last minute to change his mind, didn’t he?

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