Deliciousness at the Wayfarer

I have a fridge full with berries and other assorted fruits like grapes, peaches, bananas and pineapples.  Instead of a healthy fruit salad for dinner, I made some chicken and baked a cake to top with that fruit.  It’s a German thing called Obstkuchen.  From butter, flour, sugar and eggs I baked the thin cake and created…

Ta-daaaaaaaaaa  ~

A German Obstkuchen

With some homemade whipped cream, it was delicious


3 eggs

150 g. Butter

150 g. Sugar

150 g. Flour

1 tsp. Baking powder

1 tsp. Vanilla extract

Eggs, butter and sugar in mixer until fluffy and light, add vanilla and baking powder, mix well then gently add the flour.  Pour dough into shallow tart pan and bake  at 325 degrees for 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.   Let the cake cool and then add the fruit.  Cover the fruit by brushing on gelatin that’s been prepared with apple juice (let cool slightly before brushing on fruit). It makes the whole cake shiny and a little sweeter 😉

Whip up some heavy whipping cream and wahoooooooo, enjoy!

30 thoughts on “Deliciousness at the Wayfarer

  1. OMG……how beautiful and delicious!

  2. shelley brown

    That looks soooooo yummy!!!!!!!
    And beautiful too!!!

  3. Have had these before and they are yummy. The ones I have had were just made with the Pillsbury sugar cookie dough on the bottom! But I do like homemade recipes better instead of store bought premade dough! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, I am impressed. That looks too lovely to eat!!

  5. What a gorgeous cake! Bet it is delish!!!

  6. this sounds and looks sooooo scrumptious! I’m German too, Iris, so I’m excited to have a real German recipe to try! I’ve made it too using the cookie dough crust (fruit pizza), but now I have to try tthis! If I could leave my stuffy office right now and run home to make it, I would! 😉

  7. That looks wonderful! You have a real artistic flair, Iris.

  8. Joyce Ochowicz

    Iris, my mouth is watering just looking at the picture. How beautiful!


  9. Beautiful!

  10. looks yummy girl! and beautiful

  11. I love German cuisine, but no really authentic German restaurants around here.

    There once was a place in Grand Rapids called the “Schnitzelbank.” Family-owned, wood-paneled dining rooms, and the best Reubens and warm German potato salad you ever had. Plus giant steiners of beer. Tragically, they sold the place to a hospital who demolished it to make another parking lot! 😦

    • I avoid German Restaurants because it is never quite right. It might be that my memory is playing tricks on me.
      I am sad that you don’t have your favorite German place any longer 😦

      • Really? You’ve intrigued me. What is “not quite right” with the cuisine in so-called “German” restaurants? How does it differ from home-cooked cuisine?

        • I think there are a number of components that make me say that. First the atmosphere in the restaurants is different (of course) then we don’t heap our plates as full as they serve food here. Our meat is butchered differently (but I cannot tell you how, only that we have different cuts of meat and we use more of the animal than Americans do)

  12. I’ll be home for my birthday….hint hint

  13. Food as a work of art 🙂

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