Peacock Feathers

We had the distinct pleasure to spend quite a long time with Elberta’s very own peacock yesterday –  he was totally enamored with my sister in law, Corky.   He kept flaunting his tail feathers and strutting around on mom’s deck. Of course, as usual, I didn’t have my camera with me.

Today, Mike took these pictures for me…

remember to click on the pictures at least once to get a larger picture!

He walks all over Elberta, our renters, across from mom’s house blame the poor peacock for the theft of their plant-lings in their little vegetable garden. Personally – I think the bunnies are stealing their veggies.  He is loud, we can hear him all the way at our place some days.  I have thought of kidnapping the bird to re-locate him to the Wayfarer for the amusement of the guests but he will not come over 😦

Back to getting chickens.  I am currently looking for noiseless chickens!

9 thoughts on “Peacock Feathers

  1. shelley brown

    Great pictures! Has anyone named him?

  2. Sorry Iris my pictures and video didn’t come out very clear…took them thru the screen door. Mike did a GREAT job on these. Sending them to the news station? (Can’t Remember the name of shots?)

    • Those darn screens. I have had that problem myself. I have been looking for a link to their hot shots page and could not find it. So, I emailed the weatherman there. A little flattery and the promise of great pictures, let’s see if he will answer me back.

  3. Sorry Iris my pictures and video didn’t turn out…took them thru the screen door. Mike did a really great job with these. Are you going to send them to Hot Shots? I think that is the name of the news spot?

  4. Sheesh, are they ever noisy!!! I bet there are a few choices names for the feathered fellow….

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