The Lake Express

Today was the day for the Lake Express to take anyone who had $ 10 across Lake Michigan on a high speed ferry.  Lake crossing takes about 90 minutes.   Mike went up to Frankfort to relieve our CVB Director from taking money and letting her go on the ride.  I was busy with a bunch of golfers at the Wayfarer, trying to get them off to their scheduled game at Arcadia Bluffs

Feast your eyes on the pictures Mike took for me:

Look at all the people waiting to get on the boat!

standing in line…

Ummmm….not for me. I would not feel good on that choppy lake, no matter how large the barge.

Se the double hull?  The Captain of the Lake Express, retired Coast Guard,  he told Mike that someone in a kayak went between those two hulls while the motor was still running as they arrived here yesterday  😯

Last but not least, a tug boat 🙂

10 thoughts on “The Lake Express

  1. Whose tugboat is that? It would make an interesting painting.

    Is the Ludke tugboat still around.? I have photos of it, but haven’t done a painting of it yet.

    July 16th can’t come soon enough 🙂 🙂
    diane tasselmyer

  2. Is that a ‘one off’ then Iris? Does the Lake Express not usually stop by Frankfort? Love the little tug, reminds me of a Cornish fishing boat! x

    • Yes, Karen. The owners of this ferryboat came to Frankfort a couple of years ago. They were treated so well that they wanted to do something nice for the community and give them the experience of their boat. All the money they collected plus a donation of $2500 from them, will go to a charity of our choosing.
      I have a feeling that they are also putting their feelers out to see if this might be a lucrative thing to have here permanently. I would like that.

  3. Looks like it was a great day for the ride. Is the summer weather really here? Enjoy!!!

  4. I would love the ferry to go from Frankfort to Manitowoc. We used to live in Sturgeon Bay and it would be a nice quick over night trip to WI when we came up to Frankfort for our vacation. Thanks for sharing these photo’s I love to see what is going on in Frankfort.

  5. yes, it would be a good thing. Happy to share with you.

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