I have started

I have planted all the window boxes and the little flower pots.  Now I need not forget to water the little beauties and the pots and boxes should fill in quite nicely.  There are still herbs to be bought and I am looking for thyme and sage to fill in the blanks and maybe even some chives for interest and for the guests to use when cooking. 

But I repeat myself, I think 🙂

We will start with
‘Talking Rocks’
They are located in the soap dish of the old sink in front of cottage 1

The old sink

The office window

The box at cottage 8
See that cute little mocha pot?  It came from Mariah’s junk/”mosaic-ing” box – she let me have it 🙂

And here is the box at cottage 9.
I love the way that the moss grew all around it and it didn’t take long at all. Two or three summers and voila’ it looks great.  See the little guy?  He has moss coming out of it’s turban.
Note to Mariah: See, Toots, this little guy is cute after all!

To be continued

It is time to plant!

Just wanted to let you know that I am going shopping for flower box “material” tomorrow.  I can’t wait to make them look good and fresh

There have been changes this year.  Jane Putney of Putney’s nursery passed away last November, right after my Father in law passed away. That changed everything. No more going to Arcadia to pick up great plants at Putney’s. Marc drives by there regularly and he still reports that there is no sign of anything going on 😦
I have to find a new source.  I am going to the Market Basket in Beulah tomorrow.  Stay tuned for pictures of splendid flower boxes, people. Wahhhoooooo!

The Woodland Dinner

You all remember the “Woodland Dinner”  Marc and I had made up after finding 3 whole morels. I wrote about it a couple of days ago in the Sunday Outing post.

Tonight was the night to cook that dinner.  I have to say though, Marc went out into the yard and found a whole bowl full of morels.  What a good boy he is, heehee.

So, I cooked Yukon Gold potatoes and mashed them.  I “chicken fried” the venison steaks he wanted me to make. There was also bacon, because bacon makes everything taste soooooo good.

I breaded the steaks in panko breadcrumbs and off in the hot pan they went. There also was a red wine/butter sauce which smothered the potatoes.
I used a bit too much milk so they came out a little “lose”  but no one seemed to mind too much.  Hey, I am not exactly a chef now, am I?

Not being a fan of venison unless it’s raised on a farm and cooked in a restaurant,this was quite good. My guys said it was ‘perfect’.

Anyway, feast your eyes on these plates

I am stuffed 😉