Sunday Outing

Edible Fungi

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We can hear the morels growing, but we are not very good at finding them – yet.
The little buggers are hiding under leaves, in nooks of fallen trees and often in plain sight.

~Today we went into the woods~

The trillium are in bloom

Looks like a whole bunch of creepy crawlies had a good time eating here;
no mushrooms here


No mushrooms to be found inside either

Aha!  here they are

I cannot tell a lie.  Of course Marc placed them on that tree stump

3 mushrooms is all we found.  Mike found two and Marc found one.
They were kind enough to offer to share them with me, immediately after I would prepare them.

Marc and I made up tonight’s 😆
Woodland Dinner:

Wild leek and potato soup with morel garnish,
followed by  -get this-  chicken fried venison steak

(I have never cooked chicken fried anything, I wonder if Martha Stewart has)

Goodbye Trash!

Today is Trash Day in Elberta.
Mike cleaned some stuff out of the basement.  There is junk down there from when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

There are fun memories in the basement as well.
One really cool thing is a marionette theater that I got from FAO Schwartz’s store on Post Street in San Francisco.
I was friends with one of their sales guys. When they packed up the Post Street store to move to Grant Street
around the corner, he asked me if I wanted it – they no longer needed this thing for their windows.  I wanted it, heehee.
I am a hoarder at heart.

Our stuff from way back has been patiently waiting to be given away or trashed.

I was sad to see these two recliners on the truck.  The boys used them until they could not fit in them any more.

Afternoon shnooze in the only recliners ever to be in this house

Friday Night Fun

mosaic Petra Church

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…at Mariah’s garage.
Yes, you read this correctly – fun in Mariah’s garage. With ten thousand a bunch of kids running around overhead. This is why we need wine and sparkling things to drink. And of course snacks 🙂
When we spend time at the garage, we work on fun and fabulous mosaics. Of course we don’t produce anything as spectacular as the ancient mosaics we all know and love.  Noooooo, we just smash old china and glue it nilly-willy to bowling balls, tables, trays, bottles, birdhouses, etc., hoping something good will come of it.

Our sparkly is usually “Wet” form L. Mawby.  YUM!!

A gazing ball and other assorted unfinished projects

Someone even mosaiked a toilet seat 😆

What do you all do for Friday fun?

Wayfarer Street Noise

Like the title says “Street Noise”  – freshly recorded a few minutes ago out of my kitchen window.  Should we call the authorities or the Audubon Society?

This is going to be a great day.  The sun is shining and it seems to be getting warmer each day. And we have some very nice guests spending the next couple of nights with us. Yay.