14 thoughts on “Summer smells great!

  1. Iris, the photos of the garden are just glorious! So much so, you can almost ‘smell’ the fragrance, especially the lilac. Your grounds are beautiful, I can see myself sitting in one of those chairs and just letting the world go by…. oh well, maybe one day 🙂 x

  2. Gorgeous!! I love this time of year. Glad the weather finally has turned, looking forward to coming to see you this summer… When? Haven’t figured that out yet!!

  3. Joyce Ochowicz

    Iris, the honeybees must be in seventh heaven!

    Power outages in Mason, too. I’m staying at my daughter’s house until the power is back on. No power=no water=no toilets! Had huge parts of my cottonwoods blow down in my front yard and spent Memorial Day cleaning up. What a mess but at least my house is in one piece!

  4. Loved your Summer Smells Great post, Iris! This video was a lovely little “vacation” in the middle of my work day! 😉 thank you!

  5. Gorgeous photos! Just as I was about to phone you, I instead pulled up your blog–and there was exactly what I was going to call about! Ignoring today’s cold temperature, I opened all the car’s windows as I drove through Elberta: never in years past has the marvelous scent of lilacs been so pronounced, nor the blossoms so abundant.

    • Art, your comment was stuck in the spam file. so sorry to have missed it. I thought the scent of the lilacs was and still is amazing. Last year none of our lilacs bloomed but they sure are redeeming themselves this summer.
      The bedrooms in the back cottages are so scented, one could think that I sprayed something in there.

  6. Really? I am on the calendar already? When I am coming? I bet it has to change since I am working again next year!

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