I have started

I have planted all the window boxes and the little flower pots.  Now I need not forget to water the little beauties and the pots and boxes should fill in quite nicely.  There are still herbs to be bought and I am looking for thyme and sage to fill in the blanks and maybe even some chives for interest and for the guests to use when cooking. 

But I repeat myself, I think 🙂

We will start with
‘Talking Rocks’
They are located in the soap dish of the old sink in front of cottage 1

The old sink

The office window

The box at cottage 8
See that cute little mocha pot?  It came from Mariah’s junk/”mosaic-ing” box – she let me have it 🙂

And here is the box at cottage 9.
I love the way that the moss grew all around it and it didn’t take long at all. Two or three summers and voila’ it looks great.  See the little guy?  He has moss coming out of it’s turban.
Note to Mariah: See, Toots, this little guy is cute after all!

To be continued

14 thoughts on “I have started

  1. You are an artist!!!

  2. Very nice! I wish I had window boxes 😦

  3. Lovely! I keep wanting to go the local nursery, but I just never seem to make it there. One of these days…:)

  4. They look so pretty. Can’t wait to see them on Friday 🙂 I only wish my pots look as good.


  5. I love the window boxes! I wish we had them at the front of the house. We have French doors and Paul puts some there and they look so nice.
    I love yours Iris and I love the little guy with the mossy turban too.

  6. shelley brown

    I recognize those Talking Rocks!
    The window boxes look lovely!!!!

  7. Janice Gravelines

    Oh Iris, reading your adventures is just good for the soul. Like a cold glass of water for the parched spirit. I love all your boxes – you have a gift!

    • Haha, I got to the part with the cold water and thought you would write “like a cold glass of water right in the face”
      Thanks Janice, I try. This year with an extremely tight budget. But the boxes are filling in already. In a couple of weeks they should look full and lovely.

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