It is time to plant!

Just wanted to let you know that I am going shopping for flower box “material” tomorrow.  I can’t wait to make them look good and fresh

There have been changes this year.  Jane Putney of Putney’s nursery passed away last November, right after my Father in law passed away. That changed everything. No more going to Arcadia to pick up great plants at Putney’s. Marc drives by there regularly and he still reports that there is no sign of anything going on 😦
I have to find a new source.  I am going to the Market Basket in Beulah tomorrow.  Stay tuned for pictures of splendid flower boxes, people. Wahhhoooooo!

8 thoughts on “It is time to plant!

  1. Little warmer down here so have the geraniums in the window boxes and continuing with (tear-eyed) tradition, trying (despite the rain) to plant more flowers around the yard and a few plants in the garden. Fortunately there are several places to buy at reasonable prices.

    • Oh I love Geraniums, Frank.
      I usually try to go for edible things like Nasturtiums, Pansies and lots of herbs.
      Reason 1 – they are inexpensive 😉
      Reason 2 – they can be used by the guests 🙂

  2. Is Eden Hill nrsy still there? Good stuff…..but it’s been awhile since I left, so maybe not there anymore????

  3. I haven’t planted nasturtium in forever! Definitely on my list for this year. NO garden this year. I can not do it again. Too much work for the ground hog and bunnies to just eat it all. 😦

  4. shelley brown

    Is Eden Hill Nursery the one in Empire?
    What about Crystal Gardens?

    • Eden Hill is up on 31 just south of Honor. You know where the Best Western is now.
      I don’t like to venture out to Crystal Gardens. It gets too expensive for me. I am a pushover for their marketing – all it takes is putting something in my way and I need to have it.
      Don’t know where that is coming from, I certainly wasn’t a deprived child, heehee

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