Sunday Outing

Edible Fungi

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We can hear the morels growing, but we are not very good at finding them – yet.
The little buggers are hiding under leaves, in nooks of fallen trees and often in plain sight.

~Today we went into the woods~

The trillium are in bloom

Looks like a whole bunch of creepy crawlies had a good time eating here;
no mushrooms here


No mushrooms to be found inside either

Aha!  here they are

I cannot tell a lie.  Of course Marc placed them on that tree stump

3 mushrooms is all we found.  Mike found two and Marc found one.
They were kind enough to offer to share them with me, immediately after I would prepare them.

Marc and I made up tonight’s 😆
Woodland Dinner:

Wild leek and potato soup with morel garnish,
followed by  -get this-  chicken fried venison steak

(I have never cooked chicken fried anything, I wonder if Martha Stewart has)

8 thoughts on “Sunday Outing

  1. Looks like your day was MUCH better than ours. Rain, Rain and more Rain

    • Oh I am sorry you had one of those bleary Sundays. They are nice when the time is right. We’ve had enough rain, the sun was very warm and welcoming 🙂
      Hey, when are you coming back up? We have a breakfast date to make at chimney corners…

  2. Well I am really looking forward to next week, unfortunately the weather isn’t. It looks like it’s going to be rainy and cold by the middle of next week. Let’s pray it’s get better.

  3. Looks like a fabulous kind of day. I am always worried about how you know which mushrooms are edible, and which are poisonous. Not really too big a concern, though, since I really don’t care for them anyway. Heehee. I won’t even comment on the chicken fried venison…..

  4. Anything that looks like summer is on the way is good. Can’t decide if I want to plant rice or open a fish pond in the back yard.

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