Goodbye Trash!

Today is Trash Day in Elberta.
Mike cleaned some stuff out of the basement.  There is junk down there from when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

There are fun memories in the basement as well.
One really cool thing is a marionette theater that I got from FAO Schwartz’s store on Post Street in San Francisco.
I was friends with one of their sales guys. When they packed up the Post Street store to move to Grant Street
around the corner, he asked me if I wanted it – they no longer needed this thing for their windows.  I wanted it, heehee.
I am a hoarder at heart.

Our stuff from way back has been patiently waiting to be given away or trashed.

I was sad to see these two recliners on the truck.  The boys used them until they could not fit in them any more.

Afternoon shnooze in the only recliners ever to be in this house

6 thoughts on “Goodbye Trash!

  1. Awe, that is way too cute and very adorable. Thank you for that memory.

  2. Oh gosh, photos like those make me smile and weep at the same time.

  3. They have only gotten cuter as they get older…You didn’t throw out your Marionette thingy did you?

    • They certainly talk more than way back then.
      No, the marionette thingy is still in the basement. I don’t know why I cannot part with that. I must have suffered drain brammage sometime during my childhood

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