“Not so fast”, St. Peter said

“It shall snow, still, a little while longer” – he said.  And so it was.
Feast your eyes on pictures from the frozen north:

At 4 pm I was to be at Hull’s on Main Street in Frankfort for a fundraiser.  It was fairly warm and the snow came down like tomorrow is Christmas.  Very, very wet snow.

The car parked next to mine, brrrrrrrr

The Frankfort beach

The lighthouse is located just to the right of the light pole.  I could not make it out.

I think I know why this is all happening…

I have neglected to take down my sign.

19 thoughts on ““Not so fast”, St. Peter said

  1. Take the sign down quick! Before it snows again.

  2. Joyce Ochowicz

    Don’t you just love “Spring” in Michigan?

  3. I am just going to ignore this whole post. Perhaps that will make the snow go away! 🙂

  4. Well isn’t that just freakin lovely!!!
    I think August is the only safe month for me to come home!!
    Good grief!!!!!!

  5. Yes, winter and August!! That is so true! 🙂

  6. Oh, it will be warm soon and beautiful!
    I just found a whole bunch of those Pure Michigan commercials on You Tube, they are awesome…..Your place and Elberta/Frankfort should be in the background of one of those commercials. Too bad I’ll never have a wife or girlfriend to share the area with….I am still screwed in that field things have gotten rock bottom here in Chicago….so I’ll be “bachelor Joe” yet again this summer, LOL.

  7. Just checking in to see what my favorite Innkeeper has been up to lately…

  8. Do you have a “Sun, Shine!” sign?


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