A Maple Syrup kind of Weekend

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I just love Crystal Mountain!
They always have something fun going on.  Besides the fact that it is just beautiful to walk around
the property and watch the skiers and snowboarders,
they have a couple of nice bars and restaurants.

Yesterday they had the Maple Syrup Festival.  Mike and I went.
What a nice spring day it was.  Actually it felt more like a real nice winter day.
The sky was blue, not a cloud in the sky, the sun was shining brightly,
there was fresh fallen snow everywhere.  It was cold and wonderful.
I don’t know what happened with the weather. It has been snowing lightly every day this week.

As you can see, we arrived at the mountain around noon

The parking lots were full and we parked way out in the boonies


We smelled something, but it wasn’t maple syrup, hehe

Around the corner, still no maple syrup, instead the most delicious smell of barbecue chicken.
The cook was not in a smiling mood.  Maybe he didn’t like staring into the sun?

Inside the center they sold that good smelling chicken.  We didn’t get any. We had other plans…

Chainsaw carver.  He did some pretty nice things.

This table was the only maple syrup display.

So, we headed back outside and were on our way to lunch. But wait, what is this sound?
Country music fun by Sister Wilene upstairs in the ski lodge.  Off we went to check it out while enjoying a beer.

The place was packed with skiers enjoying their lunch


And that was it. The battery on the camera ran empty.  I could not take any pictures of the Thistle where we had a really nice lunch with a nice cocktail for dessert.  Then we went home and my husband informed me that he could hear the couch calling his name.
It was a great day!

5 thoughts on “A Maple Syrup kind of Weekend

  1. Sounds like a easy paced relaxing day. My couch can talk too! It’s very talkative on Sunday afternoons.Go figure?

  2. The picture of the cook caught my eye, Funny enough I went kayaking with him and his kids last summer. He is a great guy, and fun to be around =] I love this time of year up here, Where everyone starts to transition away from Ski’s and gloves to Beach attire and a bicycle. Great Blog Iris, Will be keeping an eye on it!

    • Hi Gabe, happy to have you with us. It’s been a little boring around here. My adventures this past winter have not been up to par. I will try and get out more and take better pictures with my crappy little camera. If I didn’t lose them all the time, I would invest in a good camera, alas, it’s not going to happen.
      Thanks for signing up. I need the link to your book and the gamer blog, ok?

  3. Yes! I sure hope its an event filled summer, and as to your questions, my blog is linked in my name when I post and here is the link for the book:
    and the blog just incase you cannot see the name link

    For the book, If you like Ill send you a manuscript =]
    thanks will be keeping in touch,

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