Auto Parts

The other day Mike pointed out that a car must have driven into our ditch, yet again, sometime this winter.  When the snow melted this past week, the truth came to light.  Auto parts were strewn everywhere.

So, on my way into Frankfort this morning, I took some pictures.

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I have a feeling it was some unlucky kid, on the way to school, zooming around the corner too fast, as usual…

7 thoughts on “Auto Parts

  1. Ok, I don’t know how you do it, but you even manage to take pictures of auto parts that are visually appealing!!

  2. MiketheMaintenance Man

    Last year they hit the 4×4 post on the South side of the driveway, over time they have taken out 3 mailboxes, drove thru the yard 4 times (missed everything!)… I keep hoping one will take out the sign in the front yard so I can get someone else to buy us a new one!!!!!!

  3. Joyce Ochowicz

    At least your house is far enough off the road……..


  4. Maybe Mike the Maintenance Man can move the sign closer to the road.Then maybe he’ll get lucky! Bamm! I’m trying to think outside the box.:)

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