Bathing Suits…

…have been mothballed again.  42 degree weather was a fluke.  Just look at the snow we got 2 days ago

As usual, don’t forget to click on the pictures once or twice to see all the details!

A lonely bench waiting for the first warm butt 🙂

The streets of Frankfort on March 8th, 2011 –

Main Street heading away from the beach

So much snow in one day, when we were all thinking of planting bulbs…

There you have it.
I think I heard  the weatherman say that there’s more snow coming today, blah.

9 thoughts on “Bathing Suits…

  1. mike the Maintenance Man

    swimsuits are highly over-rated – go Skinneydippin!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is not very much snow. We used to have tons of it when I was a kid up there. The bay was usually frozen and they had boats that came through to break up the ice so people could get in and out. Looks like you all had a mild winter.

  3. 3 inches of snow last night and now it’s 45 out. Go figure. Winter in Ann Arbor isn’t much different than up there. See you next weekend…bringing the dress.

  4. Snow, snow go away, come back again some… This winter has lasted long enought!
    Lake Michigan and the Frankfort Lighthouse are still beautiful. I hope you have a thaw real soon Iris.

  5. Susan Filipiak

    Thanks, Iris for pictures of the lake. Beautiful even with the snow.
    I remember I came out in April a few years ago the the lighthouse was encrusted with feet of ice.
    When do you open in the spring?


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