Is anyone still with me?

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Sheesh people,  I have been missing in action partly because I lost my camera (yeah I know, again) at Walt Disney World and partly because I know that you don’t want to hear from me – you want to see pictures.

Well, good news.  I got another camera  😆
Of course now is the time when the snow is melting and things around here don’t look too good.

The first guests are coming in mid- April and my calendar for the summer is filling up quickly.
I am excited about this new season – I will have full time help which will ensure that, hopefully, I won’t run around like a chicken with my head cut off any longer.  After all, this chick isn’t getting any younger.

How have you all been?  Please report, I want to know!

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30 thoughts on “Is anyone still with me?

  1. I’m here! Post away.

    Sounds like there are exciting things happening at the Wayfarer this year.

  2. I am happy to see you are back! We are all looking and counting down the days until we get up there in June. Jimmy talks about you and Mike all the time he misses you.

    See you soon
    Sharri, Don, Joey, John and jimmy

  3. Yay, I knew I would see you here Allison 🙂
    Thank you!

  4. Welcome back, you wild adventurer! Waiting for the thaw so Kate(our youngest) can get back to horse riding-yes, horses do slip on ice just like people.

  5. I am glad to see you’re back…I knew you were in there..see you at least once a month, but LOVE to see your pictures of home. I lost my antenna phooffnic you gave me in the snowstorm/blizzard I drove home in last time. :(. Not a fun trip. Mom says freezing rain this Friday. NO I am not coming up..Love you

  6. You know how I spent my winter!! We were talking about you today and hoping that our life settles down enough to actually make it up there this summer! It is so beautiful!

  7. Always glad to read your blogs and see your pictures here downstate. Hope to meet you one of these days.

  8. Of course we are still here!

  9. Well Iris, I still remember my first trip up to the Wayfarer in July 2007. I pulled up to a place where you treated me like you’ve known me for years, kind, welcoming and fun!

    The sun was shining so bright that late afternoon….temperature was a dry 84 degrees I believe and the wind was a bit gusty. I pulled out my blue clear bottle of Bombay Saffire gin, sat it on the table in Cabin 6, poured a gin and tonic and I can’t forget how the glass just sparkled in that sunlight! The sun just poured through that window and I felt so calm and relaxed, I knew I had found a new “cabin sweet cabin” that day.

    • awwwwwwe, Joe. We know when someone fits in with our attitude 🙂
      Sniff, sniff – what a nice thing to say. I wonder if you would allow me to post that in the comment section of the Wayfarer website.

      I got your text this morning. Putting you into the calendar!

  10. Yea Disneyland!! I bet you had a blast! Hope to see you soon dear friend. Pam

  11. Joyce Ochowicz

    Thought maybe you were completely snowed in! Glad to see you back at blogging. I missed you and your beautiful pictures. Things are good here–just sick of snow and cold and waiting for SPRING.

  12. I am gald your back!

  13. shelley brown

    Good grief! I wondered what happened to you. I thought maybe your butt froze to the couch this winter and that’s where you were stuck…or you were kidnapped my Mickey…
    Glad to have you back!
    Oh and btw it’s in the 80’s this week…. 😉

    • hehe, it’s only 78 degrees here, Shelly. And actually, my butt was frozen to the couch.
      I got up to get my men out of the house, then pretended to do laundry and dishes and went to sleep on the couch until they got home 🙂
      Oh I am lazy

  14. Well so nice of you to join the rest of us…

    Hehe, glad you are back in the saddle again, so to speak. Spring is just around the corner, I know this because everything is that dingy gray color and our dirt roads have turned to mud. 🙂

  15. Yea Isis yea! My Sunday is complete! I came the other day to check up and didn’t see an update SO glad I came back today.

  16. I kept checking and checking, hoping that you would be back. You helped me get through last winter you know. Glad to see you back. Hey, we are going to take our Grandson, Fox to Disneyland the last of March. Looking forward to some sunshiney skies and warm weather, green leaves and colorful flowers. Can you tell I have cabin fever?
    Looking forward to our trip up this summer, thinking July sometime. Actually, I would like to come up for a week every month. No, all summer would be better. Hurry up Spring.


  17. susan filipiak

    Glad to see you back posting! Pics of the lake front next?
    When do you open in the spring?

  18. I am always with you Iris- I love the web blog, photos etc. Hope you guys are all keeping well.
    Love Karen (England)

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