New Year – New Contest


I finally thought of a question for youse guys.
Anyone interested in winning a Pure Michigan Coffee Table Book? – Now is the time to pay attention!

How long has the Wayfarer been in business?

Enter by posting your answer below, in the comment section.

I give you until next Tuesday, January 11, 2011 – 5 PM and then I will draw the winner.

I will pick the winner by collecting the correct answers and draw one name out of a hat, ok !?

Get to work and enter.  It’s time I give something away.  I might add a bunch of cookies to the book 😉

Let me clarify, it’s not a trick question, I goofed. I meant to ask how old the business is. Never mind the name.

Ok, back to guessing…

Is it 2011 yet?

Hello everyone!

Some of you have missed me – thank you for the inquiries.  I suppose I could explain what happened, but it’s boring and depressing so,  let’s start with pictures and a promise to be more fruitful in the writing department :mrgreen:


Hellooooo and Happy New Year everyone

I did take lots of pictures for the blog that you haven’t seen yet:

One morning on our way out of the driveway 🙂   – gorgeous sky!

The boys’ 17th birthday dinner at Riggers in Arcadia – they didn’t want me to take their picture, hehe

We usually have a party on or around the winter solstice but that’s not been happening because the “Shiver by the River” festival has been happening in Frankfort on that Weekend in February.  A neighbor came by in December and burned that huge thing down.  It took about 5 days to stop smoldering.  I guess the neighbors were happy when that finally stopped…

And then it started to snow – a lot. It didn’t stop.  I just love the snow. Not that I spend a lot of time in it but it’s so pretty to look at.


Fresh frozen fruit outside our bay window

Mike blowing the first snow

Sort of decorating for Christmas.  And see that big poinsettia?  Hmmm, we got that as a “thank you” from the local grocery store for being such good customers.   This is not a list I’d like to be on ever again 😉

more snow out the back door

So there you have it for today.