The Winner is…

I guess I fell asleep on the wheel and forgot to pull a name.  I am sorry. Without further ado, I shall announce the lucky person, winner of

1 Pure Michigan Photo Book
and a couple of cookies

You might want to know how I did the picking – I assigned numbers to the names and wrote those numbers on paper. Then I pulled a number out of the hat.
Which hat to chose :

My Cirque du Soleil hat


the old standby, Jessica Rabbit hat


Cirque du Soleil  worked fine – I pulled # 67, it belongs tooooooooooooooooooo

Susan Filipiak


11 thoughts on “The Winner is…

  1. Woo, hoo! I never win anything. Thanks, Iris.
    Maybe luck is looking at me….off to play the lottery so I can spend more time at my favorite place up north 🙂

  2. So, Iris, how come I’ve never seen you wear one of your beautiful hats while cleaning the cottages, eh??? It would certainly be a cheerful sight!


  3. Keep these two in mind when preparing for the Easter Parade. Lawsy, the song, the movie, the childhood experience–yes, women wore hats to church on Easter morning, and many looked as silly as these examples.


  4. Nice website Iris. No wonder you have the time. Mike is enough to send me into hibernation.

  5. Still a voice from the past that pays attention to your posts.

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