Turkey Shoot

Traveling along Grace Road today, I saw this bunch.   Altogether there were about 15 of them.
By the time I got the car stopped and that camera whipped into shape, they had escaped into the woods.

I know that it’s not a great picture. You try it in the middle of the road, standing there while another car comes careening down the hill behind you.  I took my little life into my hands for this picture!  So stop complaining, gang 😛

11 thoughts on “Turkey Shoot

  1. It’s a great picture! That’s my kind of turkey shoot! Pam

  2. At least you got a picture. I had to stop for a bunch on either side of 115 on my way home from Jill’s. Didn’t know which way they were going. Sorry I missed you, maybe next time.

  3. Traveling Grace Road generally provides opportunities for photo shoots! We have three turkeys that visit our yard every day to the delight of little Maggie! Watch out for deer on Grace Road, Iris!

  4. Maureen and Rachel

    We are sipping “stressless” tea you set out for us last month. Rainy and chilly here but R is baking scones to go with tea. Aahhhh. Turkeys are cute.

  5. Nice Picture Iris.
    Don’t you just love Frankfort in the Fall?
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    R and C

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