My Mornings

My mornings always start the same way.  I get up, wake up my boys who promptly jump out of bed. Then they mosey downstairs and snooze on the various couches in the TV room until I wake them again about 20 minutes later.

Errr….too many details?  Ok, why don’t I skip to what’s fun about my mornings…

I drive Marc to school and then I get to see my beautiful surroundings:

First I drive down to the beach.  Everyone does that. You don’t drive on Main Street and not go to take a look at the beach. So here’s what there was to see this morning just before 8 o’clock


The sky was so pink in the west, if I didn’t know any better, I would have thought it was dusk.
Or maybe not?

Now east on Main Street and back home, I had to stop at the boat launch across the street from the Frankfort Tackle Box


And here is looking at the Elberta side of Betsie Bay





It looks like they are almost done with the work on the old M-168.
I wonder what they’ll name it.

In front of us here is the Conundrum Cafe with their bike and kayak rental


Heading home to the Wayfarer for coffee with Mike.  He’s home today – yay!

15 thoughts on “My Mornings

  1. Now I am homesick for Frankfort. Used to drive to the lake every morning after nite shift at POMH ER, then, sometimes to Elberta overlook, out to Crystal….just to look at the beauty.

  2. Nice photo’s Iris!!! We truly are blessed to live in such a beautiful area! Have a great day!

  3. Maureen and Rachel

    This is ART! Frankfort is a beauty and you are capturing it.

  4. Iris,
    Ann said they were the only ones there yesterday. You should talk about Ann and Len for your next blog.

    Happy October!


  5. Love that view, at the beach. One of my favorites. A slice of heaven on earth.

  6. Iris, the pics are gorgeous! I had a great weekend at the Wayfarer, I am looking forward to coming up for one last visit of the season next week.

  7. Next summer for sure…..miss the beauty that is only Frankfort….

  8. Great pictures Iris!!!

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