Joyce O. came to stay at the Wayfarer,  she brought me some of the beignets  she got at the Bayview Grille.

That was a couple of months ago.  So when recently I had lunch there with Mariah and Joanne,
we had some of those small packages of sweet goodness and we added some of Bayview Grille’s
own Rote Gruetze for more interest.
Double yum

All gone…

8 thoughts on “Beignets

  1. Ok I googled beignets.
    Fried dough.
    But was there anything inside?

    • There is nothing inside. Just powdered sugar on top and we topped them with a 3 fruit sauce. They are the puffiest concoctions you can imagine. Clouds of warm goodness 🙂

      Your brother is staying with me right now, Shelley, but I think you know that already, hehe

      • Mmmmmm. I will have to try those! They sound a little like sopapillas. Dough + deep fryer = YUM!!!
        How was the visit with my brother? 😉

        • ok, how about a date at the Bayview Grille for Beignets, Shelley?

          Your brother was delightful to say the least. What a nice man. Just like the rest of the family, really. Delightful and real.
          His girlfriend – very cute and equally as nice 🙂

          • It’s a date! Just don’t know when. 😉
            They seem very happy together. I know they had a great time. I have to call them to get all the details!
            Happy Friday!!!!!

  2. Iris, as busy as you were, I’m glad you got to eat the beignets I left with you. Oh, warm, sugary, mouth-watering treats! Definitely more than just fried dough. I’ve had them at the Cafe du Mond in New Orleans and the Bayview Grille’s were a pretty close match in taste. Can’t wait to get back to have some more!


  3. Yes, clouds of warm goodness! Yummy.

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