John and his family brought us a whole bushel of home grown vegetables all the way from down state.  So very nice of them.

What a thrill.

I shared with all my  Martha Stewart wannabee friends  :mrgreen:
Omgosh, there were more tomatoes and peppers than you can see here.  After I unpacked the basket, my entire kitchen table was laden with these gorgeous treasures.

6 thoughts on “Vegetables

  1. Oh my, what a bounty! My garden was such a disappointment this year, I think next year I am turning the area into a huge flower bed.

    • Sheesh, I know what you mean. Our vegetables were devoured by deer. I know, I know, I have been telling for years that deer have never been a problem for us. Well, this year they are.
      The only thing I have plenty of is basil – unlike last year…
      What happened to your garden, was it too dry?

  2. I suspect it was bunnies and chipmunks… I also have tons of basil, which is a good thing. 🙂 Don’t know really what happened. Its like everything just stopped growing. Very strange.

  3. Ivanka – funny you say ‘everything just stopped growing’ – cause thats what happened to our grape vines! Initially we had lots of grapes, but gradually these just fell off, but the branches and leaves stopped growing. We wanted these to make a shade canopy over the Courtyard. But suddenly, they are beginning to grow again, but we wont get much shade canopy from this year’s growth.

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