Jimmy, the new man in my life!

I am thinking that Mike better watch out…










He brought me flowers EVERY day that he was here this year.   And with the cutest giggle,  he accepted a Thank – You – Hug every day.
Jimmy’s parents have come to stay at the Wayfarer long before he or his older brothers were born.

Jimmy and his brothers are some of the most enjoyable of our young guests we have.  They play so nice and peaceful together.
No unnecessary noise, just nice and peaceful.

Johnny in the hammock and Joey posing for this picture

Joey, the oldest of the brothers

Johnny “in the middle”

Now that I think about it, most of our younger guests were quite enjoyable this season.

9 thoughts on “Jimmy, the new man in my life!

  1. Hmmm I wonder how Cole will feel about this.

    And, could it be, you are softening up in your old age? hehehehe. I couldn’t resist.

    • No softening up of the Wicked Witch of the North-West, hehe
      It seems to me that they all behave real well because they see my mean face the first time they’re out of line :mrgreen:

      Cole? He’s a doll. I can’t wait to see your boys 🙂

  2. Well of course Cole is counting down the days, but, alas, the teenager, well, you know how that goes…

  3. Oh my, I can see why Mike may have a little competition. These boys are both adorable. Lucky you!

  4. That is one of the best things about growing up there at the motel; you get to meet so many people and seeing them almost yearly and you grow up knowing each other and becoming good friends.

    One of my sisters married one of our long time guests.

  5. Well, you know if you want them to find a nice girl, you must not let on that you feel that way! They must think you disapprove of the young lady in order to find her engaging. 🙂

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