Pictures from Up North

Robbyn and her husband Craig left here yesterday and today she  emailed some really great pictures. I want to share them with you:

This was taken where the Platte River  meets Lake Michigan

The chairs in front of cottage 2 –
(Joe the bachelor’s favorite spot in the morning)

Looking down the front row…

Looking out the bathroom window in #2 🙂

Robbyn and Craig 🙂

Looking out on the front lawn

beach towels

no commentary needed here…

16 thoughts on “Pictures from Up North

  1. You are right, those were great pictures! Looking forward to seeing some of that in person!

  2. The cottages look lovely!!!!

  3. Soooo lovely. Watch out, some chocolate crazed lunatic may be showing up on your front steps soon.

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Just a quick message to first compliment you on this post…just love the cottages with flowers, chairs, etc. And secondly, I worked at Olsen-Sayles yesterday and helped Mary Woodrum (sp???) and I asked where she was staying & she replied The Wayfarer and in our conversation she said that she is enjoying her stay with you!!!!!! Have a great day Iris & enjoy a pat on the back!!!!

  6. susan filipiak

    Thanks for sharing beautiful pics!

    Counting down the days to my visit – can’t wait

  7. Hi Iris,
    I’m glad you liked the pictures. We sure miss Frankfort. We went to Las Vegas, Florida, Maine and Frankfort, MI this year on vacation. Guess which one was our best trip? Yep.

    Frankfort is so beautiful, restful and fun your cottages make me feel so cozy and nice. I love to see the curtains blowing in the breeze at night, just before we fall asleep.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer. Wish I were going for a walk on the beach right now.


  8. The pictures are so beautiful! Robbyn has such a artistic eye!

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