Yikes, no title?

To make you all a little jealous, here is the weather report for the Wayfarer.  It has been sunny and warm, something like mid 80’s during the days and mid 50’s at night with a nice breeze, heheh.   Ok, continue sweltering in the cities.

And now on to today’s subject.

I just couldn’t help myself this afternoon.  I had to pull out my flip camera and get some footage of the new alpacas.
So I started to make the alpaca, come here sounds” and they all came looking at the dork that was standing there, calling them over.  I love how they all seem to have different looks and personalities and are so cute and cuddly and for sale…
Since I can’t seem to get the video to post on here, click on this link and enjoy. It is shakier than I thought it would be.
Here is another little video of the alpacas

this funny looking guy just loved tasting the weeping willow leaves

14 thoughts on “Yikes, no title?

  1. Have you switched from wanting chickens to alpacas? They’re cute!

  2. Yesssss, of course it would be too cool if they’d started to lay eggs :mrgreen:

  3. Is this the Nelson farm? Those babies are adorable!!

  4. Hehee, “alpaca come here sounds.” Weather has been absolutely lovely, hasn’t it? Perfect day for a picnic here. 🙂

  5. Cute alpacas. Are they babies? I don’t think I’ve ever seen an alpaca close up.

    I’m thinking I need to move up there for the summer. I can barely walk outside during daylight down here. The heat, the heat…

  6. They are adorable and I loved sharing the photos with my daughter.

  7. shelley brown

    Oh, the little ones are extra cute!

  8. Well, I was wondering if you were walking here, for the picnic, since I haven’t heard from you in days…hehe

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